What does Pooh bear in the woods?

Someone has written what they are pleased to call a sequel to A A Milne’s classic tales of a boy and his bear.  Someone else is publishing it.  The estate has taken the money.  Booksellers on both sides of the Atlantic are doubtless hugging themselves with barely suppressed excitement.  [Barely. Bearly. Geddit? oh never mind].

The writer says  “Some people do hate the whole idea of a sequel, but it’s not as if I’m doing any damage to the original, that will still be there. My hope is that people will finish reading a cracking story and just want more of them, and that’s where I come in.”  With this ingenuous piece of tosh he tries to convince us that all he wants to do is write lovely stories for the dear little kiddly-winks.  Ah.  How nice.

Look matey: if you reckon you can write a cracking story, send it out into the market to succeed or fail on its own merits.  Nicking someone else’s characters and riding on their reputation is licenced plagiarism.  Making this out to be a sequel to Winnie the Pooh and The House at Pooh Corner is misrepresentation.  It’s just wrong.  It stinks.  You won’t find me buzzing round this pile of Pooh.

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