“Autopsy – The ultimate surgery operation”

They’re having a Family Event at the [splendid by the way] Hunterian Museum on Saturday 7th November.  According to the press release: “In 1793 John Hunter, the most famous surgeon of his day, collapsed and died after a stressful meeting.  Find out what killed him and the role that autopsy played in establishing his death”. 

Find out what killed him?  Isn’t it obvious?  He died after a stressful meeting.  I always knew meetings were bad for the health.  Nothing more likely to send the blood pressure soaring than losing a few hours of your life while some prize prannet witters on, especially when you have Work that needs doing and will have to be done  just as soon as you can get out of this torture chamber.  Is he never going to stop? Ah, at last, maybe now we can – oh no oh bollards – now someone’s taking issue with his “last point”.  Put a sock in it you silly woman, can’t someone stop her – the point is, you pillock, the whole point is that he doesn’t HAVE a point, he just likes the sound of his own voice.  Deep Sigh.  Now then, calming thoughts.  If the boardroom ceiling is 15 tiles wide and 28 tiles long and each tile is……

But I like the way they call it the ultimate surgery operation.  Let’s face it, you’ll never have another one after that.

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  1. OMG! IDeath by meetings. I’m glad someone finally spoke out about this health hazard.

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