I am a passenger

“Please stand away from the edge of the platform.  The next train is not for customer use”.

Oh, really.  What are all those people sitting on it then, as it speeds (or trundles sluggishly) through the station?  Scotch mist?  A figment of my overheated (not on this platform surely, where the winds blow chill from the steppes of Southwark) imagination?  What you mean, you nannying disembodied PA announcement you, is “the next train is not stopping AT THIS STATION” so why don’t you say that then? eh? eh?  The announcements used to say just that.  Dunno why they had to change them to something which doesn’t make any sense.

And while we’re about it, I’m not a customer.  At least ok yes you’ve sold me a ticket but what I want to be is a passenger.  It is better to travel hopefully, even in a train inexplicably held outside London Bridge for 40 minutes of the morning rush-hour, than to hang about on the platform while train after train filled with non-customers smirks past, sometimes adding insult to injury by actually stopping while the doors remain firmly shut.  They wouldn’t have tried that one in the days of low-tech doors with handles; before the guard could yelp “Repel boarders!” we’d be in there.  Those were the days.  When we were passengers.

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