Snow, Snow, Thick Thick Snow

London froze [ho ho] to a standstill back in November, then just before Christmas (and more importantly, starting the day I went on holiday) there was another lot, closing airports and leaving hapless and disorganised transfer passengers hanging about at Schipol for six hours with no €uros.  Last week yet more of the white stuff fell all over the UK.  And more last night.  Even in the Channel Islands – yesterday “it snowed very heavily from 2pm to 4pm and trapped me in the house” says my contact in Alderney.  Good grief.  Still, now they have had a bit of practice the commuter train companies seem to have got their act together.  Trains were running this morning, apart from delays due to something sinister in Tonbridge; and TFL appear to think they are running this afternoon, although with much use of blanket caveats about delays.  [Damn, I could have said something about blanket coverage.  Carpeting the country. Drat.]  Looks like a good time to go home and defrost the fridge.  All together now: ♫ “Oh, the weather outside is frightful…” ♫

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